Rich Font is a dedicated and experienced creative, operations manager, and leader with years of experience working across a wide range of industries and exhibiting a strong will to lead by example, every step of the way. Today, Rich is the proud owner and operator of Rich Font Creative, a creative media firm that specializes in video production and photography across a number of different applications.

Rich’s experience began in 1999 when he enlisted in the United States Army. For five years, Rich remained part of the infantry and was trained as a Team Leader, something that speaks to his knack for leadership. After serving his country as an infantryman, Rich moved into the Human Resources department within the military. In 2007, Rich was honorably discharged from the Army and began an extensive career in operations.

It is his extensive military and operations background that he leverages each and every day when working with new clients. For Rich, nothing is more important than getting to know his clients on a deeper level. He combines his passion for creating and his unique operations management skill set to create content that helps them grow their business.

With a real passion in creative videography and photography, Rich works to create content that drives emotion and engagement along with collaborating with in-house brand teams to develop a video marketing strategy that achieves results. Rich is no stranger to working with enterprise-level marketing teams as he proudly serves as an extension of his clients’ business.

At Rich Font Creative, he specializes in social media, influencers, event services, and consulting. Each and every day, Rich is striving to bring a new approach to videography and photography. As a dedicated content producer, Rich does what any media professional should do – leverage their well-rounded skill set to bring something new to the table that clients can appreciate.